Welcome to Tableau Destroyer! In this game you need to click away colored tiles as fast as possible.
But beware! The black tiles will cause your game to end, so try to avoid those at all cost!
The white tiles are 'empty'. Clicking these will remove 1 point from your score.
Whenever you've clicked a colored tile, it becomes purple and should not be clicked again, or you'll lose the gained points again!
Good luck and send me your hiscores!

It is possible there are some minor bugs, but I ran out of time to fix all of them. Please let me know if you found any though!

There should be background music, but because of security reasons the browser won't always play it. Running the index.html without a localhost will most definitely not play it, but the game is still playable. 
When you download the project it is advised to run it under a localhost (i.e. with WAMP). If the music then still doesn't play, try to start a game and then press F5.


TableauDestroyer_Download.zip 27 MB

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